IRIS Energy: Our partner for energy storage

Our mission is to always offer you the best energy solutions. With IRIS Energy we work closely with a powerful partner for energy storage.


IRIS Energy develops, produces and distributes energy storage systems for industrial applications or other applications in the power range from 50 kW to several MW. As development partner, we support IRIS Energy in realizing these systems.Each storage system consists of at least one storage unit and one power unit (= inverter). Its modular construction allows it to be adapted to your individual needs.


Above all, the energy storage systems from IRIS Energy stand out with their diverse application possibilities. Use a storage system from our partner...

  • to ensure the permanent power supply of your production facility, providing independence from power failures and network fluctuations. As a result, failures of your facilities and the associated follow-up costs will belong to the past.
  • to reduce your energy costs. A storage system from IRIS Energy allows you to store your self-generated electricity for later consumption. It can also be used for peak load shaving or reactive power compensation.
  • as a charging station for electric cars. The storage system can realize both, AC charge and DC charge.
  • as an expansion of the available power.
  • for participation in the control energy market.
  • as an-off grid solution.
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