Innovative solutions for various applications

Electrical energy serves as the base for almost all industrial processes. Following the ongoing digitization, the importance of electrical energy has increased significantly. Leaving companies with constantly growing demands for the energy of tomorrow, this development requires innovative solutions.


We take on this challenge as an opportunity to actively shape the future of our industry. With this impulse, we are working on technologies that further improve the generation, storage, supply and conversion of energy.

Our technologies – your solutions

Our technologies provide solutions for the following applications:

  • Drive systems (electrical machines, frequency converter, control)
  • Generators (small windpower generators, small hydropower generators, photovoltaic systems)
  • Storage systems (battery systems as well as supercap storage)


As our customer, you benefit from our modular system allowing you to combine all different modules (AFE, motor modules, DC / DC converters) with each other. The control algorithms for the modules run on our specially developed control platform.

Fields of application in detail

Drive systems

3AC 230 V or 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency converter. Active Infeed Module with IGBTs or Mosfets (1 - 100 kVA). Motor Module with IGBT or Mosfets and control algorithm for IM, PMSM and Reluctance. DC Voltage at the DC-Bus 600 - 800 V.



Our technologies can also be used to control multi-phase machines, off-grid operation of motors and off-grid power supply.


Control of multiphase machines

With our frequency converters for the operation of multi-phase machines for various applications, you will benefit from a variety of advantages, including reliability through operation of partial machines but also loss reduction and hence increased efficiency. 


Off-grid operation of electrical machines for various applications

In off-grid mode, electrical machines are operated without the presence of a power grid, deriving energy either directly from a PV system, a battery or another regenerative power source. Our technology also supports the connection with diesel generators.


Off-grid power supply

In addition to the operation of electrical machines, our frequency converters can also provide a power grid. Through a dynamic control system, various loads can be operated. It is also possible to operate non-continuous loads.

Generators: Small Windpower Generator

3AC 230 V or 400V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz Frequency Converter. Active Infeed Module with IGBT and Mosfets (1 - 100 kVA). Passive or active Generator Module with Diods for PMSM or IM. DC/DC Module (IGBT) with MPP Tracking.

Storage systems: DC system

3AC 400V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz Frequency converter. Active Infeed Module with IGBT and Mosfets (1 - 100 kVA). DC/DC converter modules with IGBT and MPP Tracking.

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