Frequency converters

We develop and distribute frequency converters for motor control. These are suitable for different motor topologies such as induction motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, etc. Our frequency converters range from systems for small drive technology in the range of a few watts and 12 volts to several hundred kilowatts.


A special highlight are our frequency converters for operating multi-phase machines which can be used for various applications. With these converters, you benefit from multiple advantages, including reliability through operation of partial motors but also loss reduction and hence increased efficiency.

Motor inverter for the operation of 4 motors

  • 24 independent half bridge mosfets
  • Operation of 4 three-phase motors
  • Operation of multi-phase motors
  • Single tooth control of motors
  • Up to 5 A phase current per phase
  • Up to 60 V supply voltage
  • Galvanically isolated current measurement of all phases
  • Flexible encoder connections
  • PIN compatible to the universal Micro Controler Platform 2 as plug-on solution

High current inverter or DC converter

  • 6 independent mosfets (for example as 3 half-bridges)
  • Operation of a three-phase motor
  • 3 parallel independent DC controllers
  • Up to 300 A phase current per phase
  • Up to 800 V supply voltage
  • Galvanically isolated control
  • Can be controlled either by DHG Micro Controler platforms or by other solutions

 Inverter or DC converter

For engine control, network applications or similar

  • 3 phases output
  • DC input
  • Up to 300 A phase current per phase
  • Up to 800 V supply voltage
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Plug for encoder systems and fieldbus connection
  • Switches and LEDs for stand-alone operation

Half bridges driver board up to 1200 V

  • Control of a half-bridge
  • Can be used for Mosfet and IGBT
  • Galvanic separation
  • 8 A gate current
  • Error monitoring of semiconductors
  • Compatible with the various Micro Controler platforms
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